How-to Make Rolled Sugar Cookies:


How-to  Make Rolled Sugar Cookies

Ready for serving and eating.

St. Patrick’s Cookie Celebration Ready for eating.

 Frosted sugar cookies are popular at holiday time.  You see red hearts for St. Valentine’s Day, Christmas trees and candy canes at Christmas, chicks and bunnies for Easter, and green shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Cookie Celebration. The Sugar Cookie Recipe enclosed is from Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book, 1971. Here is a short How-To in photos for St. Patrick’s Shamrock Cookie Celebration, Rolled Sugar Cookies. 

 How-To for Rolled Sugar Cookies

Rolling out the sugar cookie dough

Rolling out the sugar cookie dough

Rolling the sugar cookie dough on a cloth prevent it from sticking as it would on a bread board.

Cutting the shamrocks.

Cutting the Shamrocks.

Keeping the cookie cutter in a bowl of sugar keeps it from collecting cookie dough.  This technique for making  shaped sugar cookies is the same for other rolled cookies.  Use this as a guide for those valentine hearts, candy cane or Easter bunnies.

A perfectly cut shamrock for coloring.

A perfectly cut shamrock, ready for baking.

Bake the rolled sugar cookie at 375°F for 7 to 8 minutes.

Using Easy Creamy Icing

Using Easy Creamy Icing

This is an easy confectioners’ sugar icing with green food coloring and flavored with vanilla.  Consider using red food coloring and cinnamon oil for valentines, or peppermint for red and white candy canes.

Ready for serving and eating.

Ready for serving and eating.

The recipe for Sugar Cookies, also called Mary’s Sugar Cookie Recipe and the Easy Creamy Icing is at link


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