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Recipes for Gourmet and Everyday Cooking!


Julia Ann, cookbookinabox® and Netta Belle’s Choice®  

provide ideas with menus and recipes to give that little extra thought to color, texture, aromas, garnishes and presentation.  Make every meal an experience for your family and and friends.

I like to entertain, search out new ways to prepare foods for family and friends.  I want to share with you menus, spices and herbs which I use.


The Art of Gourmet Cookery

cookbookinabox's Holiday Dinner, Menu 104

cookbookinabox’s Holiday Dinner, Menu 104

The Art of Gourmet Cookery brings to mind fine food, perfection in cooking and an elegant presentation to the diner.  Whether gourmet and everyday cooking, the food comes from the same places:  home gardens, farmer’s markets, food cooperatives, grocery stores, or specialty markets.  Gourmet cookery is the designing of the food into an artist’s palette of color, texture, tantalizing aromas, and accessorize with tasteful garnishes.  There are many online how-to illustrations with the Recipes for Gourmet and Everyday Cooking!    Ready for your viewing and printing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   See the side bar categories of this page to

                                        Recipes for Gourmet and Everyday Cooking!

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Julia Ann

Julia Ann

You are always welcome back to my kitchen.

                                                      Julia Ann

Julia  Ann and cookbookinabox® in partnership with Netta Belle’s Choice® Spices, bring you great recipes, outstanding herbs and spices for your cooking experience.

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