Corn, A Summertime Treat


CORN: A Summertime Treat!


Julia Ann - Summertime Corn

Parboiling fresh corn on the ear.

Have you tasted fresh corn-on-the-cob?  It is certainly is a Midwestern food and maybe across the USA.  In farm country it is the hit of the season with farmer’s markets flourishing along the road sides.  Indiana serves the corn cooked in a husk to carry and eat as fun food  at county and state fairs.


How-to preserve that wonderful taste all winter.

Select fresh corn.

Select fresh corn. The husks will be removed to prepare the ears of corn for parboiling.

The best time to get fresh corn is early in the morning after it has just been picked.  Plan on processing it when you get home to maintain the freshness and the milk in the kernel of corn.  I  prepare 12 ears at a time.

Remove the corn husks and the silk. Rinse well.

Removing the corn husks

Removing the corn husks

Cutting corn off the cob.

Cutting corn off the cob.

Now the corn is ready to be put into a large pan of boiling water. Cover and scald in the  boiling water for 4 1/2 minutes.  Cool in an ice water bath.  The corn is then ready to cut kernels off the cob and package for freezing.

Ready for freezing. 3567

To freeze corn on the cob, after scalding, cooling and draining, put the ears of corn into plastic freezer bags to store in your freezer.

Savory Baked Sweet Corn

Savory Baked Sweet Corn

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